Hauntedland - Hartlepool Borough Hall Report

Hartlepool Borough Hall

The Beginning
The investigation at Borough Hall was another NGI guest night. Although guest nights can be entertaining, you can't really do any serious investigating when you're responsible for a group of people hoping for a good night out. But we always aim to please and as a team member at the time, I knew these events raised enough money to allow us to afford access to places that normally would be just too expensive for a team only.

The Orientation
For this location Mark and I were paired up to work with the guests Sinead, Mark, Deborah, Delyth and Richard and collectively known as Group 2.

We did a quick walk around to orientate ourselves with this large building that consisted of many corridors, rooms and doors leading off in all directions. It was pretty cold outside and some of that cold had permeated the building.

The building was divided into four locations and the first one we’d investigate was up stairs and known as Area 3. This consisted of a large boardroom, 3 smaller rooms and a cupboard.

Area 3
We sat for a while in the boardroom. I did a tech talk about some of the equipment we use on investigations. The guests were asked if they’d like to try some experiments. The guests fancied trying the pendulums. After explaining how they were used the guests set about trying to get some information. But it was Delyth who felt as though she was getting something. After a few questions we had the following information from the pendulum:

A male, about 6 years old, died in 1880 in the building through illness. Although he was alone he was not afraid and was quite happy for us to be there. We asked the boy to drop the temperature on the thermometer. It did go from 14.1 to 13.4 over a couple of minutes but considering it was freezing outside this could have simply been a natural temperature drop. The conversation seemed to end here so we moved on.

The next room, (Heugh Room) was a lot smaller and void of furniture. We sat in the dark and called out for a noise or visual confirmation of spirit presence but nothing happened. Richard went into the Pilot Room next door to try a lone vigil. We met up after ten minutes and neither group had success.

Some of the group attempted scrying in a bathroom mirror – again without success. When Mark and Deborah at 11.35 pm went in to the small cupboard Mark was sure that something had touched his head. We looked to see if anything was low or hanging but could see nothing that could have touched him.

Area 2
After what felt like a very quiet time we moved onto the 2nd location at 11.50, just off from the stage in the ballroom. This was the dressing room area. Straight away there was a strange smell about the place that reminded me of a mortuary. Richard the two Marks and I attempted a Ouija board but after 5 minutes we gave up as nothing happened. Sinead complained of pins and needles in her legs but I believe this was positional from the way she sat rather than anything paranormal.

We spread out between the various rooms in this area. The first dressing room did have an atmosphere about it and the second felt fine. For me I felt the atmosphere was purely caused by the smell though a couple of the guests felt quite unnerved in the room.

We tried the Ouija in the second dressing room and called out but had no success. The whole group felt that the atmosphere in this location was empty. We wandered around to the main entrance, which is a glass and metal covered structure. After what felt like many minutes we decided to move to the next location. This was the Ballroom and the time turned 1.30am.

Area 1
We met up with Claire and Ian. In this room there is a large stage used for bands and dramatics. The group got up onto the stage and attempted a human pendulum. Claire called out for us. During the activity Sinead felt as though she was being pushed and Deborah had pain in her stomach – which when asked to stop, it did.

Ian gave us a talk about hypnosis and did a few tricks and tips about illusionists. He asked to write our names of a piece of paper for something he would reveal at the end of the night.

It had been a rather disappointing night, as I didn’t feel anything of any significance had happened. But there was still another location to go.

Area 4
At 2.50am we visited the Croft Room upstairs. These were the magistrate’s rooms and were quite large and surprisingly warm. We met Di and Kirsty here and planned to try a few activities to make use of their ‘sensitivity’ to spirit. But after a failed attempt with the Ouija board, calling out and table tipping the group decided to sit quietly for a while – and I drifted into sleep for a few minutes!

We moved into the neighbouring room and it was a lot smaller and very cold. After just 5 minutes we decided we’d had enough. The spirits were not playing tonight.

All teams met back up in the bar to discuss their findings – some having more success than others. Ian demonstrated his trick with the signed paper. He ran a lighter flame across the page and all the names disappeared except the one I wrote and a few other words. Everyone was amazed by the trick except me. I’d noticed they’d all shared Ian’s pen to write on the paper whereas I’d used mine as I was taking notes at the time. I think I stole his thunder when I stated how the trick was done!

It was time to go. It was an interesting building with lots of history. It’s also in an interesting area but as far as paranormal activity is concerned, I’m not convinced it had anything of great significance, well on this night anyway!


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